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有沒有類似小短文 不過要英文的





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  • Alice
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    2 decades ago
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    這裡有很多,這是其中之一的故事,叫做『Mr. Right』She woke slowly, drifting for several minutes between sleeping & waking as her brain struggled to make sense of the information her senses were accumulating. The smell of honeysuckle and the sound of birdsong coming in through the open window, the feel of cotton sheets on her skin. She opened her eyes and saw sunlight on yellow painted walls and the single word "home" formed in her mind. Then, as she awoke fully more thoughts came flooding into her mind "Sunday" she smiled - a whole day with no commitments, no chores, no-one to see and nowhere to go - a whole day just for her. The idea of a long breakfast, croissants and jam and a very large pot of tea, the Sunday papers and sitting in her pyjamas till midday. She might even take the breakfast & papers out onto the patio as the sunlight filtering through the white voile curtains gave the promise of another warm and sunny day. On any other day the thought of living alone was not a happy one but on Sundays, especially summer Sundays, the idea of not having to talk or get dressed or do anything at all seemed wonderful. Then she turned and saw him. He was lying asleep next to her and the sight of him brought another flood of thoughts as she remembered yesterday.

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  • Anonymous
    2 decades ago

    Take a good look at your life today.

    Accept it just as it is.

    Know that today is a brand new day.

    Don’t waste any energy on denial or regrets.

    If there is anything that you would like to made different, begin it now.

    Put all your energy into making a new beginning.

    今 天 好 好 地 審 視 你 的 生 命 。

    接 受 他 的 現 狀 。

    要 知 道 今 天 是 全 新 的 一 天 。

    不 要 浪 費 任 何 精 力 在 否 認 或 後 悔 上 。

    假 如 你 想 讓 事 情 有 所 不 同 , 現 在 開 始 吧 !

    將 你 全 副 的 精 力 放 在 一 個 全 新 的 開 始 。





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