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    給你看看11/29的China Post怎麼寫...因該網站要註冊,所以我錄出一小段。(給你連結你應該看不到)Luo Wen-jia accused of paying supporters for attendance at rallysupporters for attendance 是與會支持者的意思,你所謂的走路工應該就是非志願的與會者(只看在錢的份上才參加),所以可以說 non-volunteered participant / supporter in disguise / fake supporter / hired participant(supporter)...2005/11/29The China PostA Kuomintang lawmaker charged Luo Wen-jia, Democratic Progressive Party nominee for magistrate of Taipei, yesterday with paying supporters for attendance at a mass rally Sunday. Lee Ching-hua told Procurator-General Wu Ying-chao at a Legislative Yuan meeting Luo paid every participant NT$200 as per diem. "I wish to file an accusation right now," Lee said. Payment for attendance at a mass rally violates the election law.

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