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    Today is December 2 , 2005. This promotes the teaching outside school of the first time- the tour of the monthly eyebrow after junior middle school.

    Go in the road of the monthly eyebrow , everybody eats the snacks on the car, sing, play extremely , expect this time with bright time that classmate spend together very much in the heart.

    After several hours, having reached the purpose at last, everybody rushed into the amusement park too impatient to waitly, enjoy the pleasant sensation lost down from height, experience the flavour gyrated, this kind of feeling is really amazing! Entering into the garden , we nearly play all the recreation facility seen once, play with twice even, shriek on the way repeatedly, I believe every very much amazing recreation facility.

    Having reached the coda, it is time to go home, everybody gets back to the car begins to hold the gig again, teacher and classmates' song is really graceful in the class, one continues one, today is a beautiful day, can not forget all of today forever, everybody is tired , eyes will be closed soon , enter into the sweet dreamland.

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