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題目是"My Dream Vacation"


1.Where would you go

2.Why choose that place

3.What would you do and see there

4.Who woukd you go with

5.What are some good things about traveling

6.What are some bad things about traveling


1 Answer

  • Neil
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago
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    The trip that I dream of..Rise to Greece to travel with the lover ㄧ ..Want personally the blue beauty of seeing the Aegean  ...The stroll is in the capital city Athens City..Appreciate the street view of Mediterranean.Appreciate the house and the church of the mountain precipice.The lovely view of the blue sky white cloud..Enjoy the sunlight of Mediterranean on the sea beach.. Even think one wager story in each temple of the gods historic site of the Greece myth...Realize those romantic myths... Hope at setting sun fall in of time..Depend on to rise stroll in the sea beach with him...Appreciate the beauty of the setting sun twilight... Leave the recollection of the beauty..Clapped the very beautiful photograph...Excellent and lazy life of the experience Mediterranean...

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