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Among freight-carrying passenger airlines, Continental lifted 20.1 percent more cargo to Central/South America. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and Lufthansa increased their cargo service to Europe (by 6.5 percent and 5.1 percent respectively). After a mid-year launch of its Houston service, Pakistan International Airlines moved an impressive 396,000 lbs. of cargo to the Asia/Africa/Australia sector.

Increased 2004 freight loads were reported by several cargo-only carriers including; BAX Global (19.9 percent), CargoLux (9.1), FedEx domestic (15.3), LAN Chile (93.2) and Martinair Cargo (37.2).

At HOU, Southwest Airlines flew 95.1 percent of the cargo and improved their loads by 14.3 percent over 2003. Delta's HOU cargo traffic went up 17.4 percent.

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    在背貨運的乘客航空公司,對中部/ 南美洲的大陸的被舉起的增加百分之20.1的貨物中。 KLM皇家荷蘭航空公司和漢莎航空公司把他們的運貨業務增加到歐洲(到百分之6.5 和百分之5.1 分別)。 在它的休斯敦服務的年中啟動之后,巴基史丹國際航空公司移動給人深刻印象的396,000磅因。 亞洲/非洲/ 澳洲部門的貨物。

    增加2004 貨運裝被幾名僅用于貨物的搬運工包括報告; 巴克斯全球(百分之19.9), CargoLux(9.1),聯邦快遞國內(15.3),局域網智利(93.2)和Martinair 貨物(37.2)。

    在HOU,西南方航空公司飛越這批貨物的百分之95.1並且改進他們的負荷百分之14.3超過2003。 三角形的HOU 貨物交通上升百分之17.4。

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