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The selectivity of the IL-10 effects on ABCA1 and CD36

expression is underlined by the absence of IL-10 effects on

SR-BI. SR-BI, structurally related to CD36, functions as a

bidirectional transporter equilibrating cellular cholesterol

with plasma lipoproteins. SR-BI serves as HDL receptor in

the liver completing reverse cholesterol transport. SR-BI can

be induced by the PPARg, PPARa and LXRa pathways

[34–36], but its regulation is incompletely understood as

SR-BI is also inversely correlated with ABCA1 expression.

Taken together, our findings in human cells offer a

mechanism for the potent anti-atheromatous action of IL-

10 in animal models [2,3]. The evidence from crosssectional

observations in man is less clear cut. In unstable

angina, both decreased [41,42] and increased levels of

immunoreactive IL-10 [43] have been reported. Anti-

CMV-IgG positivity was more often associated with high

IL-10 levels in coronary heart disease patients than in

controls [44]. IL-10 is highly expressed in advanced

plaques, which could elevate systemic levels, but may be

a counter regulatory response to pro-inflammatory cytokines

[45]. Noteworthy, all studies reporting increased IL-

10 levels in unstable angina had measured it in serum,

which will contain IL-10 secreted by mononuclear cells

during clotting. In contrast, plasma levels of IL-10 more

accurately reflect the in vivo situation, are much lower and

were decreased in patients with stable as well as unstable

angina [42].

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    IL-10 作用的選擇性對ABCA1 和CD36 表示的由缺乏IL-10 對SR-BI 的作用在下面劃線。SR-BI, 結構地與CD36 有關, 功能作為一個雙向運輸者平均多孔的膽固醇與血漿脂蛋白。SR-BI 擔當HDL 感受器官在肝臟完成反向膽固醇運輸。SR-BI 可能被PPARg 、PPARa 和LXRa 路[ 34-36 ] 導致, 但它的章程殘缺不全地被瞭解當SR-BI 相反地也被關聯以ABCA1 表示。採取一起, 我們的研究結果在人類細胞裡提供一個機制為IL-10 的有力反atheromatous 行動在動物模型[ 2,3 中] 。證據從crosssectional 觀察在人是較不清楚裁減。在immunoreactive IL-10 [ 43 的] 不穩定的咽喉痛, 被減少的[ 41,42 ] 並且增加的水平被報告了。Anti-CMV-IgG 陽經常同高的IL-10 水平聯繫在一起在冠狀心臟病病人比在控制[ 44 ] 。IL-10 用先進的匾高度被表達, 能舉起系統水平, 但也許是對讚成激動cytokines 的一個逆管理反應[ 45 ] 。顯著, 所有研究報告增加的IL-10

    水平在不穩定的咽喉痛測量了它在清液, 將包含IL-10 由單核細胞藏匿在凝結期間。在對比, IL-10 的血漿水平更加準確地反射在vivo 情況, 是更低和一樣很好被減少了在患者與槽櫪像不穩定的咽喉痛[ 42 ] 。


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