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We also studied the potential cross-talk to pathways

known to regulate ABCA1. LXRa, an oxysterol-activated

nuclear transcription factor that heterodimerizes with RXR,

stimulates ABCA1 [31,32]. IL-10 stimulated LXRa mRNA

and protein in our cells. Co-incubation with IL-10 enhanced

the stimulation of ABCA1 by RA as well as by 22-OHC.

Conversely, transfection of cells with a specific LXRasiRNA

prevented the IL-10 stimulation of ABCA1 and

transfection with a LXRa/LXRE-luciferase construct directly

demonstrated LXRa activation by IL-10. This

supports a major role of cross-talk to the LXRa/RXR

pathway in the IL-10 effect on ABCA1.

The cAMP/PKA [22] and the PPARa/RXR pathways

also induce ABCA1 expression [25,33]. Co-incubation of

macrophages with the specific PKA inhibitor Ro 31-8220

blocked the stimulation of ABCA1 by IL-10. Ro 31-8220

appeared to withdraw a contribution of the cAMP/PKA

pathway to baseline ABCA1 expression. A moderate

stimulation of the cellular cAMP level by IL-10 was directly

confirmed. cAMP may integrate the signals from several

adenylate cyclase coupled membrane receptors on ABCA1

expression. Finally, co-incubation with IL-10 enhanced the

stimulation of ABCA1 by a PPARa agonist in an overadditive

manner. Taken together, the cross-talk from the

classical IL-10 pathway to the LXRa/RXR, cAMP/PKA

and PPARa/RXR pathways contributes to the IL-10

stimulation of ABCA1.

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    我們並且學習了潛在的相聲對路已知調控ABCA1 。LXRa, heterodimerizes 與RXR 的一個oxysterol 被激活的核副本因素, 刺激ABCA1 [ 31,32 ] 。IL-10 刺激了LXRa mRNA 和蛋白質在我們的細胞裡。Co 孵出與IL-10 提高了ABCA1 的刺激由RA 並且由22-OHC 。相反地, 細胞的transfection 與具體LXRasiRNA 防止了ABCA1 的IL-10 刺激並且transfection 以LXRa/LXRE-luciferase 修建直接地展示了LXRa 活化作用由IL-10 。這支持相聲的一個主要角色對LXRa/RXR 路在對ABCA1 的IL-10 作用。AMP/PKA [ 22 ] 並且PPARa/RXR 路並且導致ABCA1 表示[ 25,33 ] 。巨噬細胞的Co 孵出與具體PKA 抗化劑Ro 31-8220 阻攔了ABCA1 的刺激由IL-10 。Ro 31-8220 看上去撤出AMP/PKA 路的貢獻對基礎線ABCA1 表示。多孔的安培水平的適度刺激由IL-10 直接地被證實了安培也許集成信號從幾種adenylate cyclase 被結合的膜感受器官在ABCA1 表示。終於, co 孵出與IL-10 提高了ABCA1 的刺激由一個PPARa 苦悶者以overadditive 方式。採取一起, 相聲從古典IL-10 路對LXRa/RXR 、AMP/PKA 和PPARa/RXR 路對ABCA1 的IL-10 刺激貢獻。

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