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what is the tragic flaw?

please explain "tragic flaw" by providing some examples from Oedipus, othello and so on?? thank you!

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    Tragic flaw(Hamartia):Often loosely used as a synonym for hamartia, the error, frailty, mistaken judgement or misstep through which the tragic hero happiness to misery. The frailty or error of judgement resulting from pride, suspicion, insolence and overconfidence. Aristotle thinks that hamartia is an element of the plot and forms a necessary part of the character of a proper tragic protagonist (hero) "who is not eminently good and just, yet whose misfortune is brought about not by vice or depravity, but by some error or frailty."

    For example, Sophocles' Oedepus is a tragic protagonist, impetuous, proud and skeptical. Oedipus' tragedy results from all aspects of his character, good and bad alike; it is no certain frailty or error that leads him to the terrible truth, but because he is the man he is.

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    tragic flaw

    trag·ic flaw (plural trag·ic flaws)



    flaw in hero: a character flaw that causes the downfall of the protagonist in a tragedy

    The writer addressed a few tragic flaws in the beginning of this noble.

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    請藉由提供來自 Thebes 的英學, othello 的一些例子和如此解釋 " 悲慘的缺點 " 在?之上? 謝謝你! 

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