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中文翻譯成英文~~~急...20點 謝謝

1. 就讀於...

2. 心思細膩

3. 妥善運用分配時間的能力

4. 未來一定能朝著自己的目標前進

5. 在同學眼中

6. 未來如果有機會可以進入貴所,一定能很快進入狀況,並且全力以付已達到


就是以上6句 , 可以請各位大大幫我翻譯一下嗎...




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    1. I am now studying at....

    2. has a delicate and sensitive mind

    3. An ability to properly and efficiently allocate time

    4. Will definitely moving toward my target in the future

    5. Viewed from the standpoints of my classmates

    6. If I could have the chance to be admitted by your esteemed graduate school, I will do my best and won't disappoint all the professors.

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    1. Study in...2. The idea is delicate3. The appropriate usage assigns the horary ability4.Certain in the future can the dynasty wear own target headway5. In the classmate eyes6. If future there is chance be able to enter the expensive, can certainly very fast enter the condition, and with all strength with pay already the expectation of reaching the teacher

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