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永字八法....翻譯成英文(10點 急!!!)

可以用英文介紹永字八法嗎???怎麼介紹呢????就那八種方法! 形容一點~~~不用太長!!!!就基本的東西要講到謝謝囉!

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    The Eight Principles of Yong explains how to write the eight strokes common in Chinese characters found all in the one character of yong (永, meaning "permanence"). It is believed that the frequent practice of these principles as a beginner calligrapher could ensure the beauty in one's writing.


    The Principle's names and representations are: (listed by stroke order)Ce (側), top-left to bottom-right Le (勒), a straight horizontal line Nu (弩 ), a straight vertical line Ti (剔), a hook to the left Ce (策), a tapering horizontal line thinning toward upper right Lue (掠), a long slightly curvy tapering line thinning toward lower leftZhuo (啄), a short tapering line thinning toward lower left Zhe (磔), thickening line toward lower right

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