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Zhuhai Kirin President Brewery Co.

The board of directors consisted of three members: the chairman of the board, a Japanese; General Manager, a Japanese; and Vice General Manager, a Taiwanese. The major managerial positions in the Zhuhai Kirin President Brewery Co. were Japanese. A Japanese Administration Chief was in charge of general affairs, financé, and human resource. Marketing Manger and Production Control Manger were also Japanese sent from Kirin. Taiwanese employees were mainly ‘deputies’, responsible

for vice-managerial position such as Vice Financial Manger and Vice Production

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    珠海Kirin 總統啤酒廠公司

    董事會由3 名成員組成︰ 董事會主席,一名日本人; 總經理,一名日本人; 以及副總經理,一名台灣人。 在珠海Kirin 總統啤酒廠公司的主要的經理的位置是日本人。 一位日本管理首領負責一般的事務,金融,以及人力資源。 銷售馬槽和生產控制馬槽也是從Kirin 送的日本人。 台灣雇員主要是¯deputies ,負責任


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