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翻譯 "援助交際"

What is "援助交際" in english? please, thank you


i agree with Adam

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    有一段文章有提到這種型態的交易,其中也有英文的解釋,援助交際 compensated dating日語 Enjo-Kosai ~~ 節錄 ~~However, we have our own problems like Enjo-Kosai, which is a form of compensated dating; schoolgirls prostituting for financial support in order to obtain designer goods. 

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    的確在英文區討論援交的本意不太適合,since you brought it up,援交縮小範圍來說並不是因為家中米缸無米而出外賣淫,而是為獲取金錢以追求時尚物質,大部分家裡都沒什麼問題,只是零用錢短少,這種行為是可透過心理醫生與社會教育來平緩這個問題,這與妓女不太相同。

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    We are talking about translation, not social issues. Apparently you are not qualified to be a good translator. In my eyes, you are more like who you are referring to, the one who keeps criticizing others and never accepts different opinions. Just keep bull-shitting yourself.

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    teen prostitution

    teen prostitution

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    that's bull shit

    special culture backgroud??

    let me tell you something~son

    killing is not killing

    it's just eliminate one's live

    robbing is not robbing

    it's just take away one's property without permission

    you should be a good lawyer just like A-bien

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    Concur with Adam's opinions, both on translation for this term and the attitude to this question!

    And Egghead is right to the point, professinal and amateur are not the same! That's another big socail issue for discussion.

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    Regardless what you all said here, I still concur with Adam's translation. He made a point here about translation, and in my opinion, a very good one. Otherwise, I have no idea what this term means either without reading his translation and explanation .....

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    My vote for No. 3!

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    V ery interesting! I learned something new from Adam today. What can I say... what a Japanese culture!

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    Adam只是純粹以翻譯的角度來看問題, 翻譯本來就得將文化背景因素考慮其中. 所以值星官, 你也別反應過度了. 我相信這裡沒人贊成援助交際.

  • 英文雖然沒有這說法 不過 用Offer one's body for money.老外應該聽的懂的.

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