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    all of the top schools are located in economically developed

    country, with HIGH GDP per capita

    Japan is the only Asian country with such level of GDP per capita (USD 29,400,

    ranked 21st according to the CIA Facebook)

    Singapore and HK also have high income, but the econ body is just too small to

    produce a world class university.

    the US

    have the most top schools in the world. take a good look of the average tuition

    of US

    university: USD 11,354 from CNN, 2004.

    now, if i am not mistaken, this is about 10~15 times higher than what you guys

    pay back in Taiwan.

    now, i believe most people agree that a good research orientated facility

    requires a ton of money. and who's gonna pay for this??? the students of course!

    paying like NT 100,000 per year for your college tuition and expect it being a

    world class university is like intending to buy Prada products with 50 bucks

    Aint gonna happen!!!

    world class education comes with a first class price tag

    if you cant handle it, deal with it

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    為什麼第二行的per capita

    不是用per caput呢??


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