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因為我是演JACK的媽媽我的劇本又弄都ㄌ(真糟糕= "=)請問我(傑克媽媽)說了啥?(英文)第一好像是:Jack,take the cow to town,sell it then bren back the money I will  use it to by food.....請給我全部說的話!!拜託各位大大嚕




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    字數限制無法放全文你可以到參考網站見全文Jack and the Beanstalk

    An English Folktale

    Adapted by Lisa Blau

    Reader #1Reader #2Reader #3Jack

    MotherGiantLittle ManGiant's Wife

    Reader #1: Once upon a time long, long ago there lived a young boy named Jack.

    Reader #2:Jack lived in a small cottage with his mother. They were very poor.

    Reader #3:One day Jack's mother said to him...

    Mother:Oh, Jack. Whatever will we do? We haven't any money for food.              You will have to go to town and sell our cow. It is the only way that we'll be able to eat.

    Jack:Very well, mother.

    Reader #1:So, Jack took the cow and walked toward the town.

    Reader #2:He hadn't gone far when he met a strange little man.

    Little Man:Say...young lad...where are you going with that cow?

    Jack:I'm going to town to sell the cow so we can buy some food.

    Little Man:Ah...but the town is so very far away...I will gladly buy the cow from you.

    Jack:What price will you pay me for my cow?

    Little Man:I have no coins, but I have something far better than money.              If you give me your cow, I shall give you some magic beans!

    Jack:Well, I don't know if I should. My mother told me to go to town and sell the cow.

    Little Man:But, lad! Think how proud your mother will be when she learns that you have some magic beans!

    Jack:Very well then. Here is the cow. Please let me have your magic beans.

    Reader #3:So, the deal was made. Jack walked home with his sack of magic beans. His mother would be so proud of him for making such a good deal.

    Mother:Well, Jack. Did you get a good price for our cow?

    Jack:Yes, I did. I got this sack of magic beans!

    Mother:What? You foolish, foolish boy! How could you have done such a thing?              Now we have no food to eat, whatever will we do?

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