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barr body and color-blindness

(i don't need a translation...)i put up this question in the human biology section.. but no one answered... i mean.. there are a lot of univeristy-leveled students around here.. so i thought i give it a here's my question:normally, when we're talking about color-blindness (protan and deutan), we seem to ignore the presence of the barr body and assume that, in a female carrier, the dominant allele is expressed and not the recessive one. barr body is a condensed X chromosome whose genes are not expressedif that is true, then say a female carrier XXC whose barr body is the dominant X chromosome, leaving the only expressible genes (on the X) to be the recessive color-blindness allelewhy do we not see more female carriers who are color-blinded?orwhy do we ignore the presence of barr body when it comes to color-blindness..?


that's not my question....

if i didn't know the probabilities to begin with i wouldn't have asked this question...

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    okie, so i've answered this before.... here was my answer:

    X chromosome inactivation is random and not imprinted for somatic cells (but they seem to be imprinted for extraembryonic tissue during development, but that's an aside). Therefore every female is essentially a "mosaic" such that some cells will randomly have the wild type allele inactivated, while other cells will randomly have the diseased (color-blind) allele inactivated. Therefore for the most part carrier females are still expressing enough gene products from that particular locus to see color like normal people. But it must be a dosage effect, so I think compare to completely normal male or female, the carrier females will have a decreased sensitivity to color.

    (and just to explain a bit more, barr bodies are just the result of x-chromosome inactivation. After the x-chromosome is inactivated it is condensed into the structure called barr body, where there's also evidence of special types of histone associated with it to cause and maintain its inactive state)

    oh and lastly, just an aside... it's also known that the inactivated X is not completely inactivated... there are still some genes that escape inactivation, despite the chromosome being condensed into a Barr body. So how this is done is an active area of research.

    Source(s): I am a graduate student in genetics
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    而女生的情況則是...10000 x 10000 = 1億分之1 (兩條X都出問題)


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