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可以幫我翻譯以下的英文嗎??thank you

Taiwan and China voicde support Monday for inclusion of a statement in the draft ministerial Conference that WTO newcomers should be given better and more flexible treatment.

In a meeting of the heads of delegations ofWTO member states to expreess their viems about the draft text, Sun Zhenyu, permanent representation of the Chinese delegation to the WTO, said that newcomers to the WTO had made commitments and contributions in their accession too the organization and that therefore, the draft ministerial text should include a ststment that these newcomers should be given more flexible treatment.


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    台灣和中國 voicde 星期一為草稿部長的世界貿易組織新來者應該更有的會議和比較有彈性的治療的一份陳述的包含支持。在世界貿易組織會員國的一個頭代表團的會議中到 expreess 他們的關於那草稿本文的 viems ,太陽 Zhenyu ,世界貿易組織的中國代表團的永久表現,說世界貿易組織的新來者已經也參加他們的加入的承諾和貢獻組織而且因此,草稿 m

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