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      The Harley baud has faced layer on layer the difficulty once again.

    Harley fully suffers the nightmare suffering, his scabs compared to

    the past pain, only had with good friend Rong En and wonderful Li

    attend 魁 the wonderful World Cup competition together, can become

    lets him get rid of the nightmare a big happy event.

      But had an unusual thing to illuminate 魁 wonderful battallion sky -

    - that is the black evil spirit mark, evil Buddha fiendish person

    symbol. This is his follower eats the deceased person to summon, they

    since the Buddha evil spirit after 13 years ago last this present

    existence (also are he kills the Harley parents that very evening),

    always does not dare public appearance. Harley longed for can return

    to 霍格 the Chinese this black magic and witchcraft institute this

    safe place, disadvantageously has Principal Deng to be many may

    protect him, but this year situation not too is a little same.

    Source(s): 語言工具  找ㄉ~但是有幾ㄍ個子還是中文番不出來
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