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幫修改我的爛英文文法。20點 是一首POEM




Hershey's Kisses,

It is sweet,

It is hard,

but smooth.

You could feel your body as light as feathers,

You could fly on the sky,

with hershey's kisses.




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    幫你改寫如下,有押韻Hershey's Kisses,It is so sweet,as sweet as your honey.It looks hard but melts easily as you tenderly touch it. it slides down into you heart smoothly,once you have it ,the feather-like flying object is your bodyfloating in the sky lightly,with hershey's kisses, surely you could do it. 

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    I think RockerDoll's work is way much better~

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    This is another piece of my poetic work that rhymes(押韻) quite nicely. From me, to you, for free :-)

    Take one Hershey's kiss,

    Taste its sweet heavenly bliss.

    It may resemble a small piece of solid mud,

    Yet it can rock every one of your taste bud.

    You feel feather-light,

    You're up high as a kite.

    Your wings are spread wide,

    Let Hershey's kisses be your guide.

    2005-12-09 16:24:01 補充:

    I cannot believe you chose that one by OG Sean over mine. Do you have any idea what a poem is? That did NOT sound like a poem at all...


    Source(s): my pretty little head
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