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There are many necessities in life, from working to finding a place to live.



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    There are many necessities in life

    (這邊應該比較沒問題, there 是主詞, are 為be動詞 many necessities in life是一個名詞組, 當作There are 的受詞)

    from working to finding a place to live.

    ( 這後半段是補語, 功用是用來修飾necessities in life, 其中, working 是動名詞, finding a place to live 是動名詞片語, 在finding a place to live這個動名詞片語中, to live 這個不定詞當作形容詞來形容a place )

    另外, will 是助動詞, 後面的動詞當然是要用原型的囉 ~


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    The main meaning of this sentence is "There are many necessities in life"

    "from working to finding a place to live" just gives you some idea about what he says.

    from N / Ving to N Ving.


    I like to eat many things, from sweet dessert to spicy hot pot.

    I want to do many things, from being a school teacher to a dancer.

    I liek to do exercise, from hiking to swimming.

    I will + V = I am going to +V.

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    生活中有很多需求,從工作到找個地方居住,不一而足working加ing的原因是前面有介詞from,這和時態沒有任何關係,to finding的情形也是如此will 後的確需用原形動詞

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