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Doganis (2001) pointed out that the best example of a successful low-cost airline, Southwest Airlines, achieved its success by means of a moderate growth strategy. European low-cost carriers, however, invested heavily in new aircraft. This may create over-capacity in markets where there already is abundant capacity. This may lead to the pricing behaviour observed for Buzz in Section 3.

The results in Section 3 show that Buzz, and also other airlines, react to their potential competitors´ price moves in an unexpected way. When easyJet increases its fare, Buzz lowers its fare, ceteris paribus. This may reflect the stochastic nature of demand. When demand would be deterministic, Buzz would have certainty about its ability to sell a sufficient number of seats. But when demand is stochastic, a carrier may interpret an increase in its competitor's fare as a signal that its competitor succeeded in filling its aircraft and that the number of potential passengers is therefore low. To attract sufficient passenger to also fill its own aircraft, the airline lowers its fare. In order to test this hypothesis, one would ideally use data on realised demand. That data is, unfortunately, not available. But the results do indicate that most airlines in the London–Paris market do not show typical competitive behaviour. Whether our interpretation is accurate should be the topic of more elaborate research based upon a more complete database.

這篇期刊的篇名是->Airline pricing behaviour in the London–Paris market 謝謝大家

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    結論 多加尼斯(2001)指出 一家成功的低成本航空公司,西南方航空公司的最好的例子,透過一個適度的發展策略取得它的成功。 歐洲低成本搬運工,不過,大量投資新飛機。 這可以在已經有豐富的能力的市場創建過載。 這可能導致在第3 部分為嗡嗡聲觀察的定價行為。 結果在3 部分顯示嗡嗡聲,以及其他航空公司,對有回應他們的潛在的威脅價格以想不到模式移動。 當增加它的票價時,民眾聲降低它的票價。 這可以反射需求的隨機的種類。 當需求將是決定性的時,民眾聲將關於出售足夠的位子的數量的它的能力有確信。 但是需求是隨機的, 一個載體可以理解它的競爭者的票價的增加為一個信號, 它的競爭者成功充滿它的飛機,潛在的乘客的數量因此低。 為了吸引足夠的乘客也充滿它自己的飛機,航空公司降低它的票錢。 為了測試這個假說,一個人將最好使用關於意識到的需求的數據。 那數據,令人遺憾,不可得到。 但是結果確實表明在倫敦市場的大多數航空公司不顯示典型的具有競爭性的行為。 是否我們的解釋準確,應該是基于更完整的數據庫更精心製作的研究的題目。

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    不好意思 能否有更好的翻譯 盡量不要用翻譯軟體的

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