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I then acquired another bunch of plants all did well from the moment of transplant, no signs of stress at all

so where was the big difference, My roses gave me the clue only move them when they are dormant in winter this was when I potted the bunch that did really well The bunch that did badly when transplanted were repotted in march close to the end of their growing season. Another person I know, lost most of the plants from a big split repotting at the wrong time of the year including the big old plant.

I brought the other plants home in July 2002. Having found out when a worsleya transplants best I timed it this time to coincide with the end of winter just before their spring growing season starts, the results have been the best yet 3 started their first pups and not a single one showed any form of distress, you would not know that they had just been transplanted, their growth rate is very impressive.

This spring I noticed that some of the plants that were still in the older sandy mix had rotted some of their roots off, despite having done well for a few years, I have found the cause to be a souring of the organic contents of the old mix which was a bit to much this apparently can happen after a few years (like the bark used for orchards which should be changed every 3 to 4 years) it also becomes to mushy with to much water retention I immediately transplanted them into the media I now much prefer, as the time of the season was still ok to do so they are doing well again.

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    然後獲取了所有做很好從移植的片刻的其它束植物, 沒有重音的標誌在是大區別的allso, 我的玫瑰給了我線索只移動他們當他們是休眠在冬天這是I 盆束真正地湧出束非常當移植放再盆中在行軍緊挨他們的生長季節的結尾。我知道的其它人, 丟失大多植物從大分裂放再盆中在年的不宜的時候包括大老植物。我帶來了其它植物家庭在2002 年7月。有發現了worsleya 移植最好我計時了它這時候與冬天的結尾相符在他們的春天生長季節開始之前, 結果是最佳3 開始了他們的第一隻小狗並且一唯一不是你顯示了任一個困厄的形式, 您不會知道他們被移植了, 他們的增長率是非常我注意的impressive.This 春天仍然是在更舊的含沙混合的一些植物爛掉了一些他們的根, 儘管做很好幾年, 我發現起因是變酸老混合的有機內容哪些是位元對這可能明顯地發生在幾歲月之後(像吠聲被使用為應該被改變每3 到4 年) 它並且成為對糊狀以對水保留我立刻移植他們入媒介I 現在更喜歡的果樹園, 因為季節的時期仍然將好做因此他們再做很好。

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    因此在那裡大差別, 我的玫瑰給我線索只感動他們, 當他們在冬天休眠時,這, 我罐裝保存做非常好移植是在接近于他們增長的季節的結束的遊行的repotted的做非常的一群的一群什麼時候。 我知道的另一個人,在包括大的老的植物的這一年的錯誤的時間從大的分裂repotting失去大多數植物。

    我在2002年7月帶來其它工廠家。 查明我調節這時候與冬天的結束相合的一最好的worsleya移植在長季節的他們的春天啟動前一會兒什麼時候, 那些結果一直在最最好的,,3 啟動第一個小狗而不單個表現任何形式的痛苦的, 你將不知道他們剛剛被移植,他們的成長率非常給人深刻印象。

    今年春天我注意到仍然在更老的沙的混合裡的一些植物已經離開使他們的一些根腐爛, 儘管做得好幾年, 我發現那些原因那些有機內容的一點的那些舊混合的的發酸對非常這顯然發生能, 在幾年之后(象狗叫聲用于果園的一樣, 哪個把每3變為4年)對與給很多水保留一起柔軟我此外變得 立即遷移他們進我現下很多更喜歡的媒介, 因為季節的時間仍然是要做的ok,因此他們再次做得好。

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