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聽說英國有一種叫 蘇格蘭高地兵 的兵種


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    you've been playing AOE too much….

    the [Highlanders] refers to men from Scotland

    They were one of the fiercest fighters in the British Isle

    The British Army has a variety of Scotsmen in service. they

    formed the Highland (Scottish) Divisions, ranged from line infantry, light infantry, skirmishers to grenadiers. They wore their traditional clothings including Kilts and tartans into battle


    Grenadiers carried grenades

    (cartoon like bombs) to assault the enemy lines when they first appeared on the battlefield. As musket technology progressed

    the use of grenades was obsolete. But the name of grenadiers prevailed. In the 1700s

    the name grenadiers refers to an elite group of soldiers that does the job of assulting and

    breaking enemy lines. This name was kept all the way to WWII

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