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求Excuse My French的歌詞?

求歌詞?求2be3唱的Excuse My French的歌詞?

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    2 Be 3 Excuse My French * She adore, she adore when you walk through the doorVule vu, vule vu, I wanna be with youCest la vie, cest la vie, you were made for meAh ah ah ahThe time is now and this is the nightI'm gonna make my move get everything rightI'll call you sweetie pea with champagne on iceI'll be your sugar and spice and everything niceI may not be what you had in mindBut if I get my act together it's just a matter time** I'm gonna tap on your shoulderI'm from a long time to hold yaShowin' you that you need a loverWho can be so smooth never metSo fine that I'll drive you crazyThat way I'll make you my babyDamned, girl excuse my FrenchI can't believe how good you look to meDamned, girl excuse my FrenchI can't believe how good you look to meWell here we are movin' to the beatI feel like a foolish dancer with two left feetI seem to fall flat on my face'Cause when it comes to love I feel so out of placeI'm try to be the man of your dreamsBut every time I look at you, I get of the seat and fall[Repeat **]Don't be afraid of meI'm just up and tangled in your auraGirl shinin' for your love[Repeat * , **]I can't believe how good you look to me

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