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幫我翻譯一段文章(中翻英) 急阿~~

80年代的紅極一時的超級偶像GLEENN MEDEIROS葛


從檀香山的電台所舉辦的才藝競賽中脫穎而出,Glenn Medeiros



1986年Glenn Medeiros重新詮釋Nothing's gonna change my love

for you此情不渝 ,當時不但風靡整個夏威夷,同時也在美國創下


Glenn Medeiros聲名大噪,也成為年輕人瘋狂崇拜的對象。

之後沒有較出色的暢銷曲,很快就淡出歌壇 。

原唱兼作曲者的喬治班森(George Benson)是位黑人爵士樂手,



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    這是翻譯機翻的The 80's are riding high super idol GLEENN MEDEIROS Ge Lunmai the German Luo,1,970 years birth, this position comes from Hawaian tan oak Asia archipelago young good-looking, is in talent and skill competition which conducts from Honolulu's broadcasting station blooming, Glenn Medeiros not only has the good-looking outlook, his enchanting melody of an aria and the voice, as well as sing when the dedicated facial expression lets the female singer fan not adore already, is an inborn idol singer. In 1986 Glenn Medeiros annotation Nothing's gonna change my love for you this sentiment was again faithful, at that time not only was all the rage the entire Hawaii, simultaneously also created the good result in US, to 1,987 mounted Billboard single tune order list 12th, let at that time 16 year-old Glenn the Medeiros reputation greatly chirp, also became the object which the young people crazily worshipped. Does not have a more splendid best-selling tune afterwards, very quickly on fade-out song world. Originally sings concurrently compose music George Benson (George Benson) is the position black jazz, if not turns by way of Ge Lunmai German Ross sings, this first song cannot receive the general music lovers' echo.

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