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    1.~My pet~

    I was very amazed to see a little pigeon near the car park of my school while i was went home from school last month.The colours of the pigeon's feather was white and grey.It was very beautiful.

    'Why is here has a little pigeon?'I thought.I observed the pigeon.Then i discoverd its left wing was hurt.'It's too poor,'I took it back to my home and put it on my desk.I used some clean water to help it to wash the wound.The little pigeon looked up as me.It looked like wanted to say thank you to me.I was very happy so i was smile to the pigeon.

    I bought a big birdcage after that day.'Start today!You are my pet!' I said to the little pigeon.The pigeon went into the birdcage lovely.I thought it was very fain to be my pet.

    I was very lucky that i had this cute pet.






    This year Halloween , i joined a party with my friends.I dressd up as a ghosts to go to the party at one of my friend's home by bus.

    When i arrived , there was too dark and i saw so many scary pictures on the wall .There was a horror music too. I felt a little bit frighten. Suddenly a hand of someone put on my shoulder , i was very afraid on that time.That was my friend. He was playing a trick on me. We laughed . After that we made lanterns of pumpkins and decorated home with them.

    After that we played apple bobbing.I was the winner.Then we went Trick or Treating.We got so many sweets.We were very hungry so we went to a restaurant to have a dinner.The food was very delicious. After dinner i played a musical instrument with my friends.

    I felt very tired so i went back to home to have a sleep.I was very enjoy this night.


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    今年的萬聖節, 我參加了我朋友的派對。我穿上裝鬼的衣服。然後乘坐公共氣車去我朋友的家。

    他的家非常黑, 牆上掛了不少恐怖的圖畫 , 還傅出令人膽怯的音樂,氣氛有點恐怖。突然, 有一隻手搭在我的肩膀上,我被嚇倒。原來是我的朋友在捉弄我。我們大笑起來。接著,我一起做南瓜燈籠來裝飾屋。

    我們玩夾蘋果。我勝出了呢!然後, 我們去玩「要捉弄還是給東西」。我們拿了不少糖果呢。我們有點肚子餓,便去餐廳吃晚餐。那兒的食物很好吃呢!晚飯後,我跟我的朋友玩樂器。


    Source(s): 我是香港人,學了9年多英文,雖然只是國二,但已經作過不少英文文章,看過很多英文書籍了^^請相信我吧!
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