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1 "runs each"


Trial 1: As Table 1 shows, the average time required to removed feed from the tanks (2 tanks, 10 runs each) was about 25 s, whereas the longest time recorded in all runs, which is the one we used as feed "clearance time" in subsequent experimentswas 47 s.

2 "decanting"


Every time the animals were fed, solenoid valves operated by a timing device closed the faeces-decanting reservoir and opened the feed decanting reservoir for 15 min.


如果可以的話可以附上全文嗎? 謝謝

Decanting has also been used for long-term faecal matter collection without stressing the animals, but this method may also lead to an overestimation of ADC due to leaching .

Update 2:

Such digestibility changes could be due to differential passage of the marker and other dietary components or, alternatively , to digestion differences that occur either at random or linked to the gut retention period (Allan et al., 1999).

Update 3:

The system is designed so that it can be connected to a demand recorder as described by Sa´nchez-Va´zquez et al. (1994), turning it into an effective device to evaluate the daily oscillations of the digestibility, as well as their relationship to feeding behaviour.

Update 4:

以上這3句都是我翻譯不出來 或者是意思怪怪的


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    1"變得每" (  全文    ) 審訊1︰如表1所示, 要求的平均時間 對從那些油箱除去供給(2,按油箱,每的10 營運)是大約25 s,而那些最長時間在全部營運內記錄,在我們作為飼料使用的這一個"時間間隙 2"潷" ( 全文 ) 每當動物被喂時,一台定時裝置操作的螺線管閥門關閉潷糞便的水庫並且打開供給(潷水庫15分)。

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    不過"decant "這個意思

    我還是翻不太出來 可否幫我看看上面那幾句

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    謝謝你的回答!真的很詳細 也很熱心

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    這句中的 each 是指 tank ,而 run 指次數. 將飼料從儲槽中移出( 2 座儲槽 , 每座儲槽十次 ). run 是名詞 , 十次是複數所以加 s .

    decanting 是 decant 加 jng 形容 reservoir . 而 decanting reservoir 是一個專有名詞 .

    我不知道譯成"傾注器" 對不對 .

    因為你只問兩個單字, 所以簡答如上 . 如要全文中譯 , 請另通知.

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