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幫幫我呀 又要報論文的 不知道怎麼翻譯 題目啦

題目Production and properties of the raw starch-digesting α-amylase of Bacillus sp. IMD 435


Proteolytic digestion of alpha amylases with

Pronase E.—

Bacillus sp. IMD 434 alpha amylase(50 mg) was incubated in a shaking water bath with 10 mg of Pronase E in 10 mL of 0.05 M Tris–HCl buffer, pH 7.8 at 40 °C for 16 h.

After incubation, the reaction mixture was centrifuged. equilibrated in 0.05 M phosphate buffer, pH 7.5 containing 0.15 M NaCl and fractionated on Superose 12 column previously equilibrated with the same buffer.

Fractions having a 1 mL volume were collected at a flow rate of 0.5mL:min.

The fractions containing soluble starch hydrolyzing activity were desalted by dialysis and designated according to their Mr as either non-digested alpha amylase or hydrolysed enzyme.

Similarly a low molecular weight protein was collected, desalted and designated as the possible raw starch affinity

哪個好心人士幫我翻譯他呀 我快被搞瘋ㄉ 請不要用翻譯軟體翻 因為我就是翻過還是不懂喔 請用口語話的方式翻譯吧 謝謝大家囉

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    生的消化澱粉的杆菌的一種澱粉酵的生產和特性特別  IMD 435    α澱粉酵的Proteolytic 消化用 Pronase E。 杆菌特別  IMD 434 α澱粉酵(50毫克)  在搖晃與Pronase E在0.05 M TrisCl緩沖區10 mL內10毫克一起的水洗澡內孵化 、pH值7.8在40  適合16 h。  在孕育之後 、回應混合物被離心分離。  用0.05 M 磷酸鹽分離電路的equilibrated 、pH值7.5 包含0.15 M NaCl並且在Superose 12 柱子equilibrated與相同緩沖區一起的以前上分餾。  小部分讓一1 mL 體積被在一個0.5 mL︰分的流動比率收集。  包含可溶的澱粉hydrolyzing 活動的小部分因為滲析被使脫鹽並且被根據他們的先生作為或者非消化的α澱粉酵或者hydrolysed酵指定。  類似低的分子重量蛋白質被收集 、去鹽並且指定為可能的生的澱粉密切關係  

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