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    Name TAMAMA private

    The brief introduction is helped by the west 澤 peach R.O.C. in the place assaulted by wild dog, so of put up at at west 澤 house.The appearance is very very lovely, however, if the dual personality appears, very terrible!

    The Tamama private is five people squad in the most young member of team(the tadpole then would have of small tail also at), the attack power can be treated as in the third place in the squad.Send at the west 澤 house, but almost every day will go to the day to find the Keroro toward the house.Dislikes the 摩 that the same likes the Keroro very much second.

    The name KURURU 曹 is long

    The inventive genius of the brief introduction, the think tank and the battle communication staff officer of the indispensability in team, also is the important person that manufactures the high-tech weapon and prop in the team.

    The cloudiness,陰 wet and cunning and this type of word establishes for him.Don't say for the total meeting of the thing that everyone invents each time clear it uses, or simply adjust the enactment wrong, the root is to want to see everyone to pay bad.

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