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我們要做文學作品的Young Goodman Brown報告…所以可以幫我找裡面的人物介紹嗎?要英文的哦…謝謝^^

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    Goodman Brown

    Goodman Brown is a blind man, not aware of the world around him. His epiphany is when he finds out the whole town around him is apart of some sort of occult. Practicing witchcraft and devil worship. When he finds out his wife is part of this malevolent group. He looses all faith in himself, mankind and the family he once had faith in. Goodman Brown is a Naiive man that once belived the world around him was everything he knew it was and thought it was supposed to be. Now he knows the Truth.


    Faith is not only Brown's wife but she is significant for the name that she is given. Her gift to Brown isn't a gift of love or passion. Her gift to him is an awakening to the world around him.

    The Devil

    The Devil is just who he is? He is the protagonist. He is the question of doubt in Brown's mind. He is who throws the wrench into your daily routine. Without him where would Brown be? Without giving him the question of his own morality and beliefs goodman brown would not know what to do. He is the little question we have that says. Should I? Could I? Will I?

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