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有一天晚上 我傳簡訊跟我男朋友說 "我們分手吧"

幾分鐘後 我的兩個室友回來了 她們兩個告訴我"我們剛剛都和男友吵架"

我說"真巧 我也是"



我的手機響了 我的男朋友打電話來問我為什麼

於是我很生氣的告訴他 為什麼要分手的原因

我越吵越難過 站到門邊 邊哭邊講電話

接著 其中一位室友的電話也響了

是她男友打來的 於是她也坐在床邊跟她男友吵架

又過了五分鐘 又有一個電話響了

頓時間 這間房間裡三個女生都各自拿著電話和自己的男友吵架

最後 大家一個接個一個掛了電話



我哭著跟她說 嗨


我對她說 剛剛我們三個女生都在跟男朋友吵架 真好笑

她淡淡的對我說 "我也是"

真巧 我們四個女生都和男友吵架 在同一天晚上

於是我們決定一起去買宵夜 吃個飽

請幫我翻譯成英文 很急

用簡單的英文單字就可以了 謝謝

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    One day evening I pass on the news brief with my boyfriend to say "we bid good-bye"

    After several minutes my two rooms friends came back their two to tell me "we just all to quarrel with the boyfriend"

    I said "I also am" at just the right moment

    Thereupon our three female students on the one hand looked on the other hand the television tells opposite party us respectively the reason which quarrels with the boyfriend

    Also crossed a while

    Why did my handset make a sound my boyfriend to make the phone call to ask me

    Thereupon I am angry very much the reason which why tells him to have to bid good-bye

    I more quarrel difficultly 過站 on the other hand to cry to the gate on the one hand to speak the telephone

    Room friend telephone also made a sound in addition

    Is her boyfriend hits thereupon her also to sit nearby the bed quarrels with her boyfriend

    Also crossed five minutes also to have a telephone sound

    This in the room three female students all respectively take the telephone immediately and own boyfriend quarrel

    Finally everybody met to make the telephone call

    I alone sit outside my family's staircase

    Saw another just came back schoolmate

    I cry to say with her hi

    How did she ask me

    My to her said just our three female students all in quarrelled with the boyfriend really funnily

    She is light to me said "I also am"

    Our four female students all quarrel at just the right moment with the boyfriend in the same day evening

    Thereupon we decided buys the night to eat full together

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