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any price letup,then,will have to stem from a drop in demand,which has proved resistant to the doubling of crude prices

over the past two years.signs of economic deceleration in the u/s and china haven't abated petroleum consumption.

In the u.s for example,drivers have stayed on the road as low interest rates and rising home values offset the sting

of prices at the pump-so far.On wednesday , as images and news of katrina loomed,some americans paid more than $3

a gallon,or 3.8 liters,for gas,and there were reports of lines at the pump in some states.

at least some investors and analysts are calling a peak in oil,but tentatively.

"the stage is being set for lower price in the future, but the timing remains uncertain,"said david kelly,economic

adviser at boston mutual-fund company Putnam Investments."My guess is that oil prices will be lower next year, but

i would have said that last year about this year."

Jim burkhard,an oil analyst at cam-bridge energy research associates,said that oil demand is affected by how long price

stay robust,not by how high they spike.Oil futures,which are at nearly $70 a barrel,would have to rise to and remain

at$75 a barrel for about three years to have the same economic impact as the oil shock of the early 1980s,he said.

"There is no magic number at which we all decide to start driving less or turning down the heat,"mr. burkhard said.


任何的物價減弱,都是經由要求的(drop in demand),抵抗的雙倍物價上漲 已在過去的2年中被証實。




在星期三,隨著颶風卡翠那的逼近,一些美國民眾甚至買到3源一加侖、或是3.8liters 的瓦斯,在其他州的城市也有報導指出。至少一些投資者和分析家指出石油高峰期只是短暫地。

david kelly,在boston mutual-fund company Putnam Investments.的經濟顧問指出 "未來油價會下探,但時間的安排仍不確定" "我的猜測是明年會下跌,如同今年的去年"

Jim burkhard,an oil analyst at cam-bridge energy research associate說,油價的行情是被多久油價能維持所影響,不是關於被定價錢。石油期貨,接近一桶70元,會辭續上漲且維持一桶75元的行情在未來的3年,如同1980年帶的石油危機是依樣的經濟衝擊。

mr. burkhard said "沒有神奇的數字在我們決定減賞駕駛或是關閉暖氣。

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    任何物價減弱,都是由需求下降所引致的(drop in demand)。而過去2年已証實油價賭倍並不會導致需求下降。




    在星期三,隨著颶風卡翠那的逼近,一些美國民眾甚至出價購買3美元一加侖、或是3.8liters 的氣油,在某些州的城市更有報導指出油站出現車龍(排隊)。至少一些投資者和分析家指現在的石油價格已經到頂峰了。

    david kelly,在boston mutual-fund company Putnam Investments.的經濟顧問指出 "未來油價會下探,但時間仍不確定" "我的猜測是明年會下跌,但我上年也說過今年油價會下調"

    Jim burkhard,一位石油分析員在 cam-bridge energy research associate說,油價的行情是被油價能維持在該位置多久所影響,而不只是定價本身。如果要造成跟1980年帶的石油危機同樣的經濟衝擊,石油期貨(現在接近一桶70元)在未來3年需要持續上漲且維持一桶75元的水平。

    mr. burkhard 說 "沒有神奇的數字會使我們決定減少駕駛或是關閉暖氣。 "(意思是就算油價多麼高,車用汽油/暖氣用油也不會減少。

    Source(s): 自己,見笑了 ^^"
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