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    (Economic Daily News, Taipei)

    The rising star in the mobile phone market, Gigabyte, worked together with National Yunlin University of Science and Technology and used the GEPT (General English Proficiency Test) as its core, to develop a platform for English study by using the mobile phone service. Gigabyte also authorized the Graduate School of Applied Foreign Language to design a study website - HiGiga site, to provide the learners a mobile learning service as well as downloading the GEPT tests. This new service provides another convenient way for learning English.

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  • 1 decade ago

    The rising star GIGABYTE of cell-phone market examined with the University of Science and Technology of cloud for the main shaft with the whole people's Great Britain a few days ago, is it regard cell-phone as action Great Britain to study platform examine teaching material , is it use foreign language research institutes help to plan interdynamic English study websites - HiGIGA learn network to trust to research and develop together. Offer learner enjoy interdynamic English study serve but also can experience Great Britain measure question of testing and download new exam pool and elaboration with oneself. Another kind of new study English way. It is more convenient.

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