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    Cell phone is playing a vital role in our daily life. Look around while you are walking on the street, you’ll see that almost everyone has a cell phone. Why do we need a cell phone? How does it effect our life?

    There is no doubt that cell phone has brought super convenience to us. We can talk to whoever we need to talk to just by pressing the little green “send” button. Of course, the person got to willing to pick up our call! In addition, cell phone is sort of a life-saving equipment. Why do I say that? Imaging you are driving on the high way and suddenly the tire got flatted, you need to call for help. Bingo! You got to use cell phone!!

    In contrast, people who use cell phone seem relying on it too much. Sometime we can’t make a decision unless we use our cell phone to call someone. For example, while we are about to rent a movie in Blockbuster; we walk around and around, but no decision can be made. Meanwhile, we grab our cell phone and call someone to make a decision for us. Because of cell phone, we can’t make our mind as we used to.

    Life should be easy and better without any troubles. I guess that’s the main reason that we love using cell phone.

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