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T6 indicates that this alloy has been solution-treated and artificially aged.

Production. Magnesium is the third most abundant metallic element(2%)in the earths crust,coming after iron and aluminum. most magnesium comes from sea water which contains 0.13% magnesium the form of magnesium chloride .first produced in 1808,magnesium metal can be obtained electrolytically or thermal reduction.

In the electrolytic method, seawater is mixed with lime(calcium hydroxide)in settling tanks. Magnesium hydroxide precipitates to the bottom, and is filtered and mixed with hydrochloric acid.this solution is subjected to electrolysis(as is done with aluminum)that

TABLE6.5 Properties and typical forms of selected wrought magnesium alloys

Composition(%) uitimate

Tensile yield elongation

Strength Strength in50mm

Alloy Al Zn Mn Zr condition (mpa) (mpa) (%) typical forms

AZ31B 3.0 1.0 0.2 F 260 200 15 extrusions

H24 290 220 15 sheet and plates

AZ80A 8.5 0.5 0.2 T5 380 275 7 extrusions and forgings

HK31A 3TH 0.7 H24 255 200 8 sheet and plates.

ZK60A 5.7 0.55 T5 365 300 11 extrusions and


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    T6 表明這種合金解決辦法處理並且被人工變舊。生產。 鎂是在地球殼裡的第3 最豐富金屬元素(2%),跟在鐵和鋁后面。 大多數鎂來自包含0.13%的鎂的海水氯化物.first在1808年生產的鎂的形式, 鎂金屬可能被電解獲得或者熱減少。在這種電解的方法方面,海水在解決油箱過程中被與鍛石(鈣氫氧化物)混合。 對底部,並且過濾並且與鹽酸混合,解決辦法acid.this 接受( 與被處理的鋁一樣)特性和典型形式thatTABLE6.5 電解選擇精練鎂uitimateTensile 產生伸長的alloysComposition ( 百分之)ZK60A 5.7 0.55 T5 365 300 11 壓擠和鍛爐  

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