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Madonna大膽的將內衣外穿,和非常具有挑逗性的肢體舞蹈動作,及限制級的演出,也讓許多支持她的歌迷,不知是該繼續支持下去,還是該譴責她。在1986年推出驒連28週的冠軍專輯”Ture Blue”的mv裡,她的姿勢宣示了女人也可以追求性愛歡愉,而且對象不一定要是男的。這並不代表她引領了一整個世代的女人去追尋身體歡愉,去打破宗教、社會所帶來的羈絆,但樂迷在某程度上的確在她的大膽形象裡得到某種解放,追隨者一定也不少。當化女性主義對放她的評價不一,有人認為她不過複製了男人心中想看到的**形象,也有人認為她代表了女性不臣服的獨立形象。針對此議題,其實只要隨便問一個Madonna的樂迷, 「她是女王」!!絕對是一致的吶喊。

Madonna在性方面,一向讓人覺得她是主動的!!是具有侵略性的!!在2003年3月12日的華納新聞報導中,Madonna說到: 「我想要展現女性自主的性愛姿勢,我只想放任自己,由我身體作主、我想、我是枚性愛先烈,想發明出一套具革命性的床上遊戲,能夠讓女性完全解放自我,享受沒有拘束的性過程!!」她還提到女性可以爭取自己的性高潮!! 甚至在和小甘乃迪短暫的交往期間,她還說到:「小甘乃迪最愛她的大腿間塗上奶油。 」強烈的性暗示!!充份顯示出Madonna在性愛方面的大膽!!和主動性!!



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    The Madonna is courageous of wear outside the underwear, and have the body of seducing sex to dance the action very much, and the performance of the X-rated, also let her fan of many supports, don't know to should continue to support bottom go to, or should rebuke her.In 1986 announcing the mv of the champion album"the Ture Blue" that the connects 28 weeks, her posture's publicizing the woman can also pursue to have sexual love the pleasure, and the object is uncertain if male.This does not represent the woman whom she guided one whole generation to make track for the body pleasure, breaking the fetters that the religion,society brings, but the fan really gets a certain liberation in her courageous image on the certain degree, the epigone is certainly also a few.When turn the female doctrine to put her evaluation different, someone thinks her however the broad image that made duplicate to want to see in man's heart, also someone thinks she represented female independent image that do not swear allegiance.Aim at this subject, in fact as long as ask a fan of Madonna literally,"she is a queen"!!It absolutely is a consistent battle cry.

    The Madonna always lets the person feel she is active in sex aspect!!Have sex of invade!!The Warner news that is on March 12th in 2003 reports to win, the Madonna makes reference to:"I want to emerge the female independent sexual love posture, I only miss the permissive oneself, making the decision by the my body,I think,I am a sexual love martyrs of the past, wanting to invent to be a set of to have the revolution bed up the game, can let the female relieve the ego completely, enjoy the sex process that didn't restrain!!"Her still speaking of the female can fight for own sex high tide!! Even at with small sweet is a brief association period of 迪 , she still makes reference to:"small sweet is the thigh that the 迪 loves most her draw up the butter."Sex of the mightiness suggests!!The brave that display the Madonna fully in the aspects of having sexual love!!With the active!!

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    sex high tide...有專門的詞兒...orgasm...

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