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幫窩-想-和-翻 -英文文章............急20點

幫窩-想-和-翻 -英文文章............急20點







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    Surely there's been quite a few magnificent moments in my life; ranging from the clichéd (remember kids, clichéd doesn't mean negative) "the day when I found love" -moments to the more materialistic "day I got my broadband connection etc" -moments*. But if I'd have to choose only one moment, I wouldn't say any of those. I'd choose that one night when I realised how lucky I've been in life; I have a good family, I have found (or rather, he had found me) someone I deeply was in love with and that there were sure signs we could live our life together, I have a group of great friends, I didn't feel insecure about stuff anymore... I don't know if it was just because I was tired but that moment was just so insanely joyous, made me shed a few tears of happiness even.

    It doesn't sound much and I don't know for sure if it was the best moment of my life but it surely felt like the best moment. It's extremely hard to use words to describe the feeling.

    *erm, not like stuff like this could be compared to love etc but you get the idea.

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