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    1 decade ago
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    Enclose for so much years in the media , the understanding of to no small extent the personality speciality to the staff; And Eddie, is a pleasant surprise making me unexpected. Enter he of company just , send out one great drive and vigor , gingerly everything of young man, responsible and steady and sure. He often puts forward one's own doubt and opinion voluntarily, clasps curiosity to anything, face a unfamiliar working environment, always keep in touch with people voluntarily too, get along with company's colleague harmoniously. The individual character extroversion of Eddie is lively, is a American pistachios in the company; And he is quite high to the comprehension strength of assigning work, merge industry's analysis of the concept of past business administration, drive the whole magazine to move towards melting and increasing abundant degree exquisitly, achievement more rare to be valuable . In the group, the concept that he often channels into business administration is shared with the colleague, ponder over logic and interpersonal communication ability and often drive suggestion constant dispersing in his analysis, expediting the emergence of more rare good ideas indirectly too, he has innate leader's breath , I believe this is the speciality that a person can succeed too. Eddie whether I train staff of culture whether very devout I have and a apropos one recommend him every all alone, believe that in the electron and one pair of study backgrounds repaired of business administration in the past with him, add practice experience of media , can let he while continuing studying and taking an advanced study, not only can get to grow academy, but also can to of the same generation to give play to influence power he accumulate further.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Enclose for so "much" years in the media , the

    --- so many years!!!

    2005-12-15 05:22:20 補充:

    Enclose for so --much-- years in the media , the

    --- so ---many--- years!!!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Being in the media industry for so many years, I have seen different employees' personalities, Eddie is a surprise to me. When he just joined with us, he showed the vitality and aggressiveness of a youth, yet he was responsible in his job. He often expressed his understanding and questioned a lot, he maintained his curiosities on different issues. Even in an unfamiliar working environment, he kept contact with his colleagues proactively and maintained smooth relationships with them.

    Eddie's personality is outward bound and he likes bring happiness to people around him. He learned quick on his assignment and liked to blend his past experiences on business management into industry analysis, thus brought our magazine to a higher degree in contents, this was rare for people in his age. In the team, he shared his ideas about business management among the colleagues and brainstormed more good ideas from them. He is a born leader.

    Eddie was trained by me from the beginning and I would honestly recommend him to everyone. I believe that base on his twin majors in electronics and business management plus the experiences in media work, he would exercise more positive influences on his peers if he is given this chance for further study.

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