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    I am...... This is a city name, no special significance, is a friend

    takes to me, heard is in an Africa's city, to me said is a mystical

    place, but I like this name, is very simple I very easily to remember.

    My usual leisure is reads, paints pictures.

    I not too like watching the television, because in the family does not

    have the television since childhood, therefore on has not fostered

    stares at a box to look the person quarrels custom. I usually do not

    like listening to the music, now the majority music I all thought

    quarrels very much, therefore rather own sing, occasionally also

    spends buys the ticket to listen to the true performance.

    The holiday I like riding a bicycle everywhere travel, Taiwan nearly

    does not have a county city I not to have personally 錡the vehicle to

    go, Taiwan very is really beautiful. Some I ride Taibei from Gaoxiong,

    my parents quick have been insane, thereupon they change into mine

    vehicle young 50, but I did not mind, because I can very quickly ride

    it badly. Most often accompanies the cat in Gaoxiong which I is I

    raises, he very lovable, is very fat, a long picture ㄧ steamed

    stuffed bun, he certainly accompanies me to go to very many places,

    because calculated how he doesn't want me or to be able again to carry

    her again on the body. My life actually very pure, but I am very


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    用翻譯軟體的人可不可以 自殺謝罪先?

    是誰害大家都變的英文爛的 翻譯軟體是元兇!!!

    拜託! 第一個回答的人你是用火星文回答嗎?!!!

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    I like your story~~ :))


    My name is___, name of a city, and it has no special meaning. A friend names it for me. I heard ___ is a city of Africa, a mysterious place to me; however, I like this name because it is easy to memorize

    I like reading and painting during my leisure time.

    I dislike watching TV because we have had no TV set in our home since I was young, and I do not have the habit to stare at a box and to watch people arguing stupid things. I dislike listening to the music because nowadays most of the music is loud. I rather sing to myself, and even buy a ticket to go to a live concert.

    I like traveling around by riding on a motorcycle. I have traveled by biking to most countryside in Taiwan. Taiwan is awesomely beautiful. At some time in the past, I biked from Kaohsiung back to Taipei. Because of that, my parents’ almost gone crazy, then they decided to replace a mini-50c.c. I do not mind of that because it will be worn out soon.

    My cat is always being with me while in Kaohsiung. He is cute and chubby and looks like a steamed bun. He, for no doubts, has been with me to many places because I force him to climb on my back and travel with me.

    My life is simple, and I enjoy it.

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    我很認真的翻譯說... 結果真是...

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