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普通法? 案例法? 不成文法? 制定法? 成文法?

commom law = case law ? 普通法 = 案例法 = 不成文法?

enacted law = statutes law? 制定法 = 成文法 ?





那該適用哪一州的法律? 還是適用聯邦法律?

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    commom law = case law ? 普通法 = 案例法 = 不成文法?

    enacted law = statutes law? 制定法 = 成文法 ?

    * I do not think it is correct.

    Common law: a distinguishes from the Roman las, the modern civil las, the canon law, and other systems. The common law is the body of law and juristic theory which was originated, developed and formulated and is administered in England. For exsmaple, it is common law system in canada.

    Case law: The aggregate if reported cases as forming a body of jurisprudence, or the las of a particular subject as evidenced or formed by the adjudged cases, in disdtinction to statutes and other sources of law.

    Enacted law: to establish by law; to perform or effect; to decree. The usual introductory formula in making laws is, " Be it enacted."

    Statutes law: an act of the legislature declaring, commanding, or prohibiting something; a particular law enacted and established by the will of the legislative department of government.....

    I am not so sure about the US, but I bet it depends on the law he broke. If what he broke is the federal law, of couse, he shall be accused anywhere in the US; if it is just a provincial law, like traffic act, he may be allright in other state.

    Source(s): Black's law dictionary and myself
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    what the....

    i need someone explain what common law is in chinese to me...not in english...@"@....

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