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有關於商用英文的文章(拜託幫忙!很急 )



Dear Sirs,

We are much indebted to CETRA for the name and address of your company and are pleased to learn that you are one of the leading producers of the subject item in Taiwan.

We are now in the market for the subject product and shall appreciate your quoting us therefore either on FOB Taiwan port or on CIF Hamburg basis at your earliest convenience. For the moment, we are in need of approximately 300 cartons each of Tips & Cuts, Center Cuts, and End Cuts to be packed in export cartons of 48 cans each. Since consumers at our end are very demanding about quality, you are requested to quote us of Al quality.


Tips & Cuts 尖端及切片

Center Cuts 中段切片

End Cuts 後段切片

幫幫忙~= =

感謝 (急件阿)




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    透過CETRA介紹 ,我們得知貴公司的名字及地址. 很高興知道貴公司是台灣製造此產品的頂尖公司之一 , 我們公司目前也想銷售此產品, 請儘快以FOB Taiwan port 或CIF Hamburg的條件報價. 目前, 我們大約需要,  把 Tips & Cuts 尖端及切片 Center Cuts 中段切片 End Cuts 後段切片等, 以每盒48罐裝入一個出口紙箱的方式. 總共300箱的量. 我們的客戶對品質的要求很嚴格, 請提供A1品質的報價.  

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    CETRA (China External Delopment Council)中華民國對外貿易發展協會, 原先簡寫為CETDC, 為便於讀出, 改為CETRA.

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    親愛的先生們, 我們是感激對CETRA 為您的公司姓名和地址和高興獲悉, 您是附屬的項目的主導的生產商的當中一個在臺灣。我們現在是在市場上為附屬的產品, 將讚賞您引述我們因此或在離岸價格臺灣口岸或根據CIF 漢堡依據得便務請。臨時地, 我們是需要大約300 個紙盒每個要訣& 裁減、中心裁減, 和末端裁減被包裝在48 個罐頭出口紙盒每個。因為消費者在我們的末端是非常demanding 關於質量, 您被請求引述我們Al 質量。

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