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誰能幫我翻譯以下的短文 20點!!

題目是 What i want to be in the future


我以後想要開一家咖啡廳 , 感覺很自由 , 也很快樂 , 不管來的客人 , 是開心 , 是悲傷 , 只希望一喝到咖啡 , 就有一種放鬆的感覺 , 而開這咖啡廳的目的 , 主要是希望 , 每個人都能夠快樂 , 並且享受到幸福的感覺...........之類的




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    國中程度...嗯. 不太確定現在國中生程度如何, 看一下, 參考看看...I want to open a coffee cafe. It feels free and happy. No matter the customers who come here are happy or sad, they just want to drink a cup of coffee and feel relaxed. The reason to open the coffee cafe is to hope everyone can be happy and enjoy the feeling of happiness.誰能救我><"~~~拜託~~如果有很難的部分幫我改簡單一點可以嗎?!幫我把篇幅改到兩分鐘為限..裡面的字句不要太難可以嗎?!適合國中程度的就好了

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    I later will want a cafe, will feel very freely, also very joyful, no

    matter will come the visitor, will be happy, will be sad, will only

    hope as soon as to drink the coffee, will have the feeling which one

    kind will relax, but will open this cafe the goal, mainly will be

    hoped, each people all will be able 夠 to be joyful, and will enjoy

    to the happy feeling.......... And so on

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    I want to open a coffee shop afterwards, will feel very free, very happy too, no matter guests that came, is happy, is sad , only hope to drink coffee , there is a kind of relaxed feeling , and the purpose to make this coffee shop, mainly hope , everybody can be happy , and enjoy the happy feeling

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              What i want to be in the futureI hereafter want to open a coffee parlor, feel very freely, also very happy, the guest who ignore is happy, is a sorrow, only hope on drinking the coffee, there will be a kind of feeling that relaxs, and open the purpose of this coffee parlor, mainly hope, everyone can be happy, and enjoy the happy feeling...........

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