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走路對普通人而言,是一件簡單又輕鬆的事,但人們通常不喜歡走路,對於有肢體障礙的人而言,走路是多麼困難又值得珍惜的事。當我們還有雙腳行走時, 就要盡量走路,少使用代步工具,因為走路對我們的身體有很多的幫助,尤其一些很少甚至不做運動的人,每星期輕輕鬆鬆的走幾次路,對改善健康有最大幫助,如走路上下學有很大的激發作用,有助改善我們的集中力與減壓,每天走路也能使我們睡得更好,也能幫助我們控制體重,而且時常走路的人較少感染常見的疾病,定期做負重運動,包括走路,有助防止骨質疏鬆,減少罹患心臟病,以及減低罹患某些癌症的危險,走路也是對大自然最不產生污染之一,因此走路最為環保,走路帶給我們許多的好處,所以我們要好好利用雙腳,讓我們的雙腳達到最有效的使用。

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    It is a simple and relaxed thing to walk as for ordinary people, but people is it walk to like usually, for have people , limbs of obstacle but speech, what a difficult thing that is worth treasuring again is it to walk. When we have both feet to walk , will try one's best to walk soon , will use few tools to ride instead of walk, walk health in we have much help , take exercises even seldom a little person especially, the relaxed walking on the way several times of each week, help the most greatly the health of improving, go to school and leave school on footing has very great function of exciting , help to improve our attention and depression , can make us sleep to walk better every day , can help us to control the weight too, and the common disease that the person who often walk is less likely to be infected with, do sports of shouldering a heavy task regularly, including walk , help to prevent the osteoporosis , reduce and suffer from the heart disease, and lower and suffer from some dangers of cancer, it produces pollution to the nature least to walk, so it is the environmental protection to walk the most, bring a lot of advantages to us on foot, so we will utilize both feet carefully , let our both feet reach the most effective use.

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    To ordinary and healthy people, walking is a simple and easy thing. However, people usually don't like to walk. For people who are physically disabled, it's so difficult and needs to bencherished. We should take the chance to walk while we still can. Use as little transportation as possible. Walking helps our body tremendously, especially for people who seldom do exercise. Going for a walk a few times every week helps to improve our health a lot. Walking between schools and homes helps us to concentrate more and replease our pressure. It also helps us sleep better, and control our weight. People who frenquently walk have a less chance for common disease. To do weight-training regularly, including walking, helps to prevent osteoporosis and reduce the risk of heart disease and certain cancer. Walking is one of the most polution-free things. Therefore, walking is the best environment protection. There are so many advantages for walking. We should make the most of our feet, and use them most effectively.

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