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有人能幫我把下面的文章翻成英文嗎? 20點

貼 紙 的 發 明






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    1 decade ago
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    The stick paper to the invention

    The story begins from a person called Shipho. He join 3 M ' the polymer is sticking the pharmaceutical plan ' , there is once in 1964, he no matter fixed proportion of raw materials, is it study materials , with mix raw materials the experiment came himself to ignore either. As a result, he has found a kind of new polymer. Such new one sticks the pharmaceutical ' sticks and will not be stuck very much a bit ', and gush out it on the object, take away again with a piece of paper, it are not all stuck by the paper and gone that this kind sticks pharmaceutical, all in fact stay on the surface of the object. In other words, this kind stick very ' united ' pharmaceutical, no matter where does it reach, it is together forever.

    Shipho very excited to show colleague it, everybody think thing of this kind ' stick and can stick too a little ', seem to have something to use and not know how to use . Most say , assert mat one ' product that do not spend ' privately in the mouth, (viscose not to stick , OK thing that that is to say not to sell for money? Who will buy the thing of this kind ' not stick firm '? )However, Shipho does not give up the mat yet, he believes his invention ' can unquestionably be used on a certain thing ', but connect with five years , the company has not especially supported , Shipho has no progress at all.

    The one that connect and exert himself excellently, one of Shipho's new partner Fulie. Fulie is choir members of the church, sing for the white silk at ordinary times , his habit puts small note inside the songbook, in order to ransack the song at any time, but the note often loses out the songbook , hurt him to often want to look for for quite a while. One day, Fulie was ransacking the small note again, suddenly ran into his brain in a inspiration: ' why paint by pharmaceutical sticking is it use to come up in note? Burst of idea this, make Shipho stick pharmaceutical find target!

    2005-12-03 04:19:06 補充:

    As soon as the answer comes out , the follow-up work has been taken over and solved together by the persons of different departments.In this way, Shipho does not combine Fulie's inspiration according to the invention of the normal practice and insistance for many years,

    2005-12-03 04:19:16 補充:

    made at last it so convenient as to the stick paper to birth!

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  • 1 decade ago

    既然指名 我盡力而為

    The Invention of Stickers

    The story begins with a guy name 席佛. He joined a 3M project called "Adhesive Material Studies" in 1964. One day he disregarded the rules of ratio for raw materials and the informations from the past experiments, he rearranged the raw materials in his own way and the result was a new bonding material. This new bonding material was sticky but not so sticky. If sprayed on an object and pressed a piece of paper against it then removed it, the bonding material would not stick on the paper but remained on the object only. In other words, this new material bonds very well, no matter how they are used, this material will bond itself together.

    席佛 was very excited and showed this new finding to his co-workers quickly. Everyone felt that this new material was somehow useful but did not know where to apply it. People thought it was useful but in realitly they all thought it was useless and it was not going to sell. They thought...isn't adhesive suppose to be as sticky as possible? But 席佛 did not give up. He believed that his new invention would be useful somehow. But five years has passed and no one supported him and he was not going anywhere with it.

    Then 席佛 had a new partner named 傅萊(Brian?). Brian was a chore member from a church. Whenever Brian practiced his chore, he would put a little note in the song book so he could locate the songs easily. But the note fell out of the book a lot and he had trouble finding his songs. One day an idea came to his mind, "why not apply this new adhesive on the note?"

    This new idea gave 席佛 new hope and an usage for the new adhesive.

    The work began with different departments working on the project and they finally came out with a new product. Because of 席佛's lucky invention and will, plus Brian's idea, the 便利貼紙 was born.

    寫的有點濫 但希望可以幫上忙

    2005-12-05 18:06:39 補充:

    I had not been coming up here for a while because felt so funny about people choosing online translations as best answers. But this time someone wanted me to translate and I did, still encountered the same thing.

    2005-12-05 18:06:48 補充:

    What is useful of this Yahoo Knowledge if people are getting wrong informations just because some of the s*ckers are here only to earn as much points as possible?? Just funny...

    Source(s): me
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