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再請問一下"a long strand of hair"應該怎麼樣翻譯比較好?

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    你可以用a bunch of的用法,是說"束"蠻常見的用法

    一束頭髮 = a bunch of hair

    通常我們說一束花時,也會這樣說 = a bunch of flowers

    至於你問的a long strand of hair


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    一束頭髮﹑一揪頭髮 = a lock of haira long strand of hair = 一根長髮lock = 髮束strand = 根(頭髮﹑線繩﹑麵條)

  • Anonymous
    2 decades ago

    一束頭髮可以說 a lock of hair

    你說的a long strand of hair意思也大概是一(長)束頭髮的意思

  • ?
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    a long strand of hair:  一把長的頭髮strand:  (繩子、 鐵絲的) 一股

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