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Anonymous asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago

請幫我從中文翻譯成英文... 特急...20點












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  • 1 decade ago
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    Hello~teacher.Each classmate good.I want what to speak to is concerning my interest today.

    I the matter that like most to do reads comic strips with the cartoon.It increased a few fun for my life.

    And in addition to using eyes to see.I also usually attend many cartoons or together person's activity.

    For example cartoon exposition.Cwt.ff etc..The naturally also bought various perimeter merchandise.

    There is data clipping.Cup.Composite picture.Protect the wrist.Amulet.The enactment gathers.Novel.Drop.Male 仔 .Brooch.The hand chain waits for various things.Almost fully responsible for my life.

    And among them what I take it as an honour most is I to collect to protect the shell card for a long time.Is all cartoons of!!

    Have more than 180 pieces about currently.Beautiful pieces all represented me not the corresponding period to is fond of most of cartoon.See them feel to have results to show very much each time feeling.However I only brought a little today.In fact I gather very slowly.The current target is to break 200....

    Although I just buy the thing now.But I hope I hereafter can be a coser.Participate the activity of the cartoon personally.So.Thank everyone

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  • 是啊..其實你說的沒錯



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  • 1 decade ago

    這...這是什麼英文呀?!最佳解答確定不是在耍人吧?沒被你選上的那則解答者若是看到你選擇的最佳解答怎麼會還沒氣到去撞牆?太誇張了吧,文法錯誤百出,那些你看起來很難的單字應該是他到辭典裡隨查隨打上的吧?雖然筆者自己的英文也還在修業階段,但看到這麼誇張的回覆也實在不得不跳出來講幾句話了......什麼叫 "Hello~teacher.Each classmate good."...簡直是...太誇張了(暈)

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago


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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Hello, Teacher and classmates! Today my topic is about my hobbies.

    My favorite hobbies are reading both comic books and catoons, they made my life much interesting.

    In addition to just seeing, I would often to attend some activities about comics and cosplay.

    Comics, exhibitions, cwt.ff for instance. Of couse I bought a various of goods(things).

    Like documents, cups, puzzles, wristlets, 設定集(抱歉我不知道這是什麼), novels, accessories, 公仔, brooch, bracelet and eveything covered my life.

    Among all my collections I like my cards best, each card is cartoon.

    I collected more than one hundred and eighty cards presently, each card represents the cartoon I used to be absorbing in different times. Every time I felt proud of them as I saw them, but I just bring few with me today. My goal is to collect more than two hundred cards!

    Even though I am just window-shopping, I hope to be a coser in the future, to participate in comics activities, not much, Thank you everybody!

    Source(s): 我(請高手幫我指教錯誤)
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