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With this understanding of the consumer market, Nike entered the race for its share of the “rough and ready” outdoor recreation market, introducing new styles an changing its promotional strategies. Nike increased its offering of outdoor shoes from a couple dozen styles to seventy-eight different offerings. For consumers interested in a lowercost Nike, it had a new four-wheel -drive sneaker ling, “Air Massa,” which was designed as an all-purpose outdoor shoe suited for a variety of sports and leisure activities. For customers willing to pay more, Nike’s new offerings included the “Air Krakatoa,” a fully waterproof $140 hiking boot with a sole made partially of recycled running shoes. Nike also added outdoor style to its Fit line of sports apparel.

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    基於對消費者市場的了解,Nike引進新的風格、改變其促銷策略,就是為了投入名為"克難型"的戶外活動市場。Nike將戶外運動鞋的款式從原本約數種的款式增加到七十八種不同款式。針對低價商品較有興趣的消費者推出足以媲美四輪驅動的運動鞋Air Massa。Air Massa的訴求是設計為全功能型的戶外運動鞋,適合多種運動或休閒活動。為了讓消費者更甘心買較高價商品,Nike的新款式包括了Air Krakatoa,一種能夠完全防水,價值140美元的健行靴,其鞋底有部份是來自再利用的慢跑鞋。在此同時,Nike也為其運動服飾增加了戶外風款式。

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    藉由消費者市場的這理解,耐吉為 " 使而且粗糙預備 " 的它股票進入了比賽戶外的娛樂市場,介紹新的風格一改變它的促銷策略。 耐吉對七十 - 八不同的提供增加了來自夫婦的它的戶外鞋子的提供一打的風格。因為消費者對一個 lowercost 耐吉感興趣,它有被設計的一隻新的四輪-駕車運動鞋鱈, " 播映 Massa" 當一隻萬用的戶外鞋為多種運動和 le 適合

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