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I'm from Missouri.





I'm dubious about the existence of those perfect products, but then I'm from Missouri.

Perfect products是指不會磨損的輪胎,絲不破的襪子和不會乾的鋼筆...

Update 2:


全文 I guess we’ll never be able to quell those persistent rumors about the invention of auto tires which will never wear out, stocking which cannot tear, and pens which won’t run dry. A voluble economist informed me that such products never be marketed.

Update 3:

“Can you imagine,”he asked,“a manufacturer cutting his own throat? Why would he sell you an item which you will never have to replace? ””“No”, my confidant whispered,

Update 4:

“It’s part of their scheme of planned obsolescence to sell you merchandise with a limited life span in order to keep you coming back for more. ” I am dubious about the existence of those perfect products, but then I’m from Missouri.

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    密蘇里州是一個農業州,該州的的渾名是 "The show-me state", 來源很多不可考,但一般的意思是"我是各鄉巴佬,你得解釋或show給我看,我才相信或知道",所以一句有諺語就是 "I'm from Missouri, and you've got to show me. " so that I can understand better.這樣應該清楚了。

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    Concur with Egghead.

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