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希望能用注音的方式讓我明白每一句怎念不要用音標的 !!或者用替代的國字!!非常感謝~~1.Receptionist: Good morning ,sir. Can I help you?2.R:All of our technicians are busy at the moment. What booth are you in?3.R:One of our technicians will help you in about 10 minutes. Please take a seat.4.J:I didn't expect this type of problem here. It' very, very inportant that I get everything ready before I leave today.5.J:Yes. If tomorrow everyone is as excited as you are, we'll do great. But not if the phone doesn't work. Now, it looks to me like the plug is just too big for the jack.6.J:I sent in all the necessary information early in order to avoid this type of hassle!7.J: Are you sure about that?



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