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Independent eating and drinking establishments were the first food and beverage operations to evolve and , today , they still generate the majority of all food and beverage revenues . It all began in Paris, way back in 1765 when Monsieur Boulanger served a typical peasant`s dish : sheep`s feet (also known as trotters) in a white sauce as a restorative along with ales in his tavern . In fact , the word “restaurant” comes from the French word “restorante,” which means “restorative.” Tavern keepers in Boulanger’s time were limited to serving beers and ales only in accordance with the controls imposed by the medieval guild system. These controls were designed to maintain standards and restrict competition . Since Boulanger was limited by law to serving beers and ales only , he was brought to court to stop the practice of serving food in his tavern . He won the case and the rest is history ; the door was opened for restaurants to serve food and drink together.

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    獨立的飲食店是發展的最初的飲食物操作,並且,今天,那些還使之發生著全部的飲食物收入的大部分。全部在巴黎開始了,一直Monsieur Boulanger對典型性的農民的碟子有用的1765年作為:綿羊的腳,(作為同時,速腳的馬,被知道)他的小酒館的淡色啤酒伴隨的甦醒藥的白色調味汁中. 實際上,(意味”「餐館」從法國的單詞來這樣的單詞使之「恢復的事」)restorante是做”。 Boulanger生活的期間的小酒館的守門員僅僅根據中世紀的行會系統遵從能設置的限制拿出啤酒和淡色啤酒被限制了。 這些的控制,象維持規格,限制競賽一樣地被設計了。因為Boulanger用法啤酒只顯出淡色啤酒被限制了,他為了由於他的小酒館中止拿出食物的習慣法庭帶來了。像他勝了,並且訴訟,殘餘用歷史; 餐館對飲食物一起有用一樣地,門被開了。

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    吃喝建立的無黨派人士是 要逐步形成的第一個食品和飲料行動和,今天,他們仍然產生全部食品和飲料收入的多數。 當布朗熱先生服務于一只典型的農民的盤子時,它全部回顧在巴黎,模式開始1765︰ 在作為加在他的小酒館的濃啤酒的一種營養食品的白色的醬裡的綿羊的腳(也作為快步馬知道)。 實際上,單詞‥restaurant〃來自表示‥restorative的法語單詞‥restorante,〃。 在Boulanger s時間的〃小酒館看守人局限于只根據被中世紀行會體制強加的控制提供啤酒和濃啤酒。 這些控制被用于堅持標準並且限制競爭。 因為布朗熱對只提供啤酒和濃啤酒由法律限定,他被帶到法庭停止在他的小酒館提供食品的實踐。 他贏得情況,其餘是歷史; 門被為餐廳打開一同提供食品和飲料。

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