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    Lucky grass

    Chinese name:The 酢 syrup grass

    Nickname:Lucky grass

    Temperament:Having another the year gets to crawl sex herbage, often becoming the flock to multiply greatly, whenever the setting sun west descends, three little leafses hang downwards namely, we call it as the sleep to exercise, the leaf is subjected to the intensity of light influence water content of past.

    Flower and fruit:The flower is yellow, the fruit peel has the elasticity, mature touches lightly namely explode, play to open, sow seed the 撒 arrive

    Far-away place.

    Habitat:From was born in the prairie roadside.

    Lucky grass is four leafs' 酢 syrup grasses to belong to, ising a mutation of four pour the heart a little leaf.Devolution from ancient time:The first leaf of the lucky grass represents the faith, the second representative's love, the third representative hopes, being out one more peice of leaf, this represents the good luck.


    Nickname:Ocean lotus flower

    Spend the period:December~March of next year

    The tulip is delivered the root by the bulbous to the efflorescence to need 4-5 months, and the temperature and light shine on to need the strict management, very complicated, so purchase the potted plant tulip best go to the bulbous that the potted plant store buys the already long leaf, fragrant HUA QI2 of the 郁 gold is very long, having 3-4 weeks generally, also bearing to see very much, and if plant the kind indoors, the fragrant ball of the 郁 gold will not open to spend for the second time.

    Spend the language:Love of vindicate,reputation,charity,beauty

    Purple-endless love, favourite

    Powder color-beauty,passion,happiness

    Red-loving declaration,joy,passion

    Yellow-noble,take good care,wealth

    White-pure feeling,clean and pure

    A color-beautiful you

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    Lucky grass

    Chinese name: Oxalis

    Another name: Lucky grass

    Habits and acquired characteristics: Perennial crawling herbaceous, often multiply in groups, whenever the setting sun sets, three small leaf flagging, we call that sleep move , leaf influence by luminosity reason , water of content.

    The flowers and fruits: The flower is yellow, the peel has elasticity , the ripe one touches exploding lightly promptly, play and open, sow the seed to

    Distant place.

    Producing area: Born in by the road to champaigns by oneself.

    Lucky grass, it is the oxalis of four leaves that belongs to, it is four of sudden change the heart type small leaf has fallen. From ancient times according to legend: The first slice of leaf of lucky grass represents faith, the second scene of love of representing, the third slice of representative hopes, when one more more slice the leaf, this slice of representative is lucky.


    Another name: Foreign lotus

    Florescence: December - next year March

    The tulip is served from the corm the root to blooming it takes 4-5 months, and the temperature and illumination need to manage strictly, very miscellaneous, so had better go to the shop cultivated in a pot to buy the corm that leaves come out to buy the tulip cultivated in a pot, the tulip is very long in florescence, generally have 3-4 weeks , stand careful appreciation very much too, plant indoors, tulip ball does not can turn on the second flower.

    Colored language: Explanation , reputation , charitable , beautiful of the love

    Purple - Endless love, like most

    Pink - Beauty , has deep love for , happiness

    Red - Declaration , happiness , having deep love for of the love

    Yellow - Noble, highly value , wealth

    White - Pure love , pure

    Double-colored - You who are beautiful

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    Lucky grass

    Chinese name: 酢漿草

    Alias: Lucky grass

    Habit: The perennial crawling herb, often in groups multiplys,

    when west setting sun under, three small leaves namely toward the

    sagging, we call it the sleep movement, the leaf the luminosity shade

    響水 content therefore.

    Fruit and flowers: The colored yellow, the peel has the tension, the

    maturity flip namely explodes, the ball opens, spreads the seed

    Distant place.

    Habitat: From had been born in wilderness roadside.

    The lucky grass, is four 酢漿草屬, is the sudden change four but

    actually cores small leaf. Handed down since old times: The lucky

    grass first piece of leaf represents the belief, the second piece

    represents the love, the third piece represents the hope,When are many a piece of leaf, this piece represents luckily.


    Alias: Ocean lotus

    Flowering season: In December □next year March

    The tulip sends the root by the corm to blossom needs for 4-5

    month,Also the temperature and illumination need the strict management,Is really numerous and diverse,Therefore the purchase bonsai tulip as is best as the bonsai shop buys

    already the long leaf's corm,The tulip flowering season is very long,Generally has 3-4 week,Also is very worth looking at,But if plants in the room,The tulip ball cannot bloom the second flower

    Colored language: Loves vindicating, the reputation, charitable, are


    The purple - inexhaustible love, most loves

    Pink color - beautiful woman, deep love, happiness

    Red - loves the manifesto, is joyful, the deep love

    The yellow - is noble, treasures, the wealth

    The white - 純情, is chaste

    Double color - beautiful you

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